Tucks, Knots and Ties, OH MY!

We love the relaxed, comfortable trend of oversized, flowy tops and tees. They’re beautiful worn loose and relaxed. But sometimes all that fabric can seem a smidge overwhelming, especially if you’re petite or short-waisted. The right styling can make this oversized, flowy trend work for you, regardless of your body style.

Women's outfit showing large, flowy tee paired with distressed denim and sneakers

Tucking, knotting, and tying can transform your outfit. Have you ever wondered exactly how to achieve a tuck that appears effortless and polished – like you just rolled out of bed but you’re ready for everything? Here are three ways we like to style our own flowy tops: the front tuck, the side tuck and the side knot.

A tuck should be in the center of your hip line or about ¾ across your hip line to either side. To achieve that relaxed, stylish look, start by tucking as much fabric as possible into the waist of your pants or skirt so that your top is smooth and tight to your body from your neck or shoulder line to your waist. Next, add a little flounce by loosening the top at the tuck location. Start by raising your arms to loosen a little of the fabric and then pull a little more fabric here and there to achieve the perfect tucked and bloused style. You should be able to see a little of your belt or waistband, but be careful not to blouse too much because you want to avoid adding unflattering, excess volume to the waistline. If this happens, don’t despair, just re-tuck and try again. Sometimes it takes us a couple of times to achieve the perfect look. Watch below as we demonstrate our two go-to tucks.

Women's outfit how-to showing the process of front tucking a tee
Women's outfit how-to showing the process of side tucking a tee

You can also style your oversized or flowy tops by knotting or tying them. The knot or tie should be ¾ across either side of your hip line. Take fabric from the hemline in each hand and tie or knot it. The tie or knot can be tight to your body for a fitted look or loose for a relaxed silhouette. Once you’ve tied or knotted your top, blouse the hemline just a little to refine this style. Be sure to avoid knotting or tying directly on the hip as it adds too much bulk and can make you appear unusually broad. We especially love a knotted or tied top with high-waisted pants. Here’s how to achieve the knot:

We have a beautiful selection of oversized and flowy tops for late-spring and summer. We also have a lovely selection of knotted and tied tops. Our stylists can help you select and style a look that is relaxed and flattering. Stop in and see our new arrivals before they’re gone.


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