A tour of our designer, Brian Ferguson’s home

At first glance, Brian Ferguson’s home does not appear to be designed in The Barefoot Cottage’s signature bright-and-light casual living style, by which many instantly recognize our store. But if you know Brian, our beloved interior designer, you know that though his personal style is masculine eclectic, his home is filled with many of Barefoot’s own pieces. To him, style has no boundaries. He views every space as a blank canvas waiting for its opportunity to be brought to life, and he thrives on adapting his style accordingly.

Opportunity is just what he and his partner saw when they first viewed the 1930s bungalow they now live in. Despite its outdated appearance and state of disrepair, there was something so charming about the house. So two years ago in July, they signed for their first home in the University of Evansville neighborhood and went to work on their new blank canvas – as blank a canvas as mauve carpets, mustard walls and years of neglect could provide.

After a full six months of renovations – including a new kitchen and bathroom, refinishing hundred-year-old flooring, and copious amounts of paint – Brian was able to reach the fun part… designing the space.

Brian’s love for unique chairs is what initially drew him to the designers and pieces of the mid-1900s. Mid-century inspiration, coupled with his partner’s love of collecting, sets the tone for Brian’s eclectic space. From truly vintage to reproduction replicas, he has filled his home with one-of-a-kind pieces collected from across the midwest that all invoke interest and masculinity.

If you ask Brian where something in his home came from, there’s almost always a story to go along that’s as interesting as the piece itself – like the eyeglasses his partner’s grandma wore for decades; or the vintage glassware his great grandmother used to entertain. You won’t be finding most of his home decor at Target (although some can be found at The Barefoot Cottage), but that’s representative of his theory, “if it speaks to you…”. In other words, fill your home and walls with only the things that bring you joy or have reason to be there.

Brian has spent years collecting the pieces that furnish his home, but he didn’t hesitate when we asked him to choose his favorite assets:

Brian is always eager to talk about his experience renovating the home of his dreams, but he’s even more eager to apply his philosophy and help you create the same haven. Below is a list of pieces Brian has found at The Barefoot Cottage. As always, contact us if you’d like to bring new life to your own space. After all, Brian and Beth have a gift for seeing opportunity in most any space.

Brian’s picks from The Barefoot Cottage:

Living Room:

  • Provencial Urn
  • Wood Finials
  • Pillows
  • Cowhide Rug
  • Vintage Wheel
  • Floor Lamp


  • Glass Display Box
  • Vintage Wheel
  • Irvine Candle Holder


  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Table Lantern

Kitchen & Dining Room:

  • Extra-long Sugar Mold
  • Island Pendant Lights
  • Dining Room Chandelier
  • Botanical Prints
  • Market Jars
  • Gladiolus grass
  • Marble Cheese Board
  • Wood Cutting Boards
  • Vintage Hans Chairs
  • 6′ Gladiolus Grass


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