Seven Tips for a Picture-Perfect Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving has passed and December is just around the corner, which means we’ve finally reached the point in the year when nobody can give you grief for being best friends with Bing Crosby’s Christmas album. As you prepare your home for the beautiful season ahead, we wanted to share some tips for putting together a tree you’re proud to turn heads with. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Pick a tree you love.
When it comes to finding the tree, there are three things we always tell our customers: choose one with depth – each branch should have fullness and enough space for multiple ornaments; choose one with natural-looking branches that can hold up to the weight of ornaments; and most importantly, love it!

2. Leave the tree stand behind.
We have permanently eliminated cheap, generic tree stands from our Christmas routine forever, and it is such a victory that we shared the process here. If you’re hands-on and ready for a simple DIY that will entirely transform your tree, this one’s for you. Read all about the simple tree hack here.

3. Get creative with the base.
Take your tree to the next level by switching from a tree skirt to a basket or unique bin. The great thing about replacing the tree stand with a concrete base is that it can easily be concealed by most any basket or container. This year we chose a unique wood and metal bin for our base that perfectly combines dressy and casual. When choosing a container, just make sure the pipe is situated below the rim and that your tree is at least twice as wide as it.

4. Fluff naturally.
Focus your fluffing one section at a time. Beginning at the inside of each branch, spread the limbs by alternating the direction in which they point. For the most natural look, point limbs in every direction, but keep the tip of each branch pointing directly out.


5. Lay out the decorations.
With tiny hands and fuzzy friends moving about, laying out breakables can be both scary and tricky. But space permitting, we like to set out everything we plan to add to our tree before we place anything. Seeing the full spread helps us balance out colors and textures as we decorate. This is one of our secret tricks for in-store trees too!

6. Add texture.
If we have a number one tip for a great tree, this is it: add stems! Most people wouldn’t naturally think of putting more than ribbon and ornaments on their tree, but texture is what sets a great tree apart. After adding ribbon, alternate pine cones, glittery stems and even contrasting foliage to create interest.

7. Mix in special ornaments.
From one mama to another, those “first Christmas” pictures deserve a more special place than the kiddos’ tree. A few of my favorite ornaments on the tree are Christmas pictures, handmade pieces from friends and a nativity ornament I found on a shopping trip with my mom. To create a tree you love, make sure your most treasured, sentimental ornaments make the cut.

Extra tip: Let the little ones in where they are able.
Christmas isn’t about a perfect tree. We had our sweet little Sloane categorize the ornaments we unwrapped by their similar styles. When the whole family can participate and feel part of the holiday decorating process, the tree is far more special.

Wishing you and yours a happy process and a tree overflowing with beauty!


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