Save Your Favorites.

Love the idea of giving new life to an old favorite? So do we! The Barefoot Cottage is a proud carrier of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and Saltwash®.

Brands we love

Paints for everything.

When Annie Sloan developed her unique Chalk Paint® over 25 years ago, she revolutionized the world of decorative painting. Annie Sloan is all about sharing her passion for decorative painting and inspiring people to be creative and adventurous with her paints and colors. Novice and professionals alike feel inspired to tap into their creative potential when using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Explore the color offerings here.

Invented to create a unique weather worn, layered sun and salt air soaked look in just three quick steps, Saltwash® is made with real sea salt, so you will notice it dries quicker and adheres to almost any surface that takes paint. Originally intended for furniture, Saltwash can also give a unique look to walls, flooring, metal, glass, fabric and even plastic!

Our classes / events

Paint. Learn. Create.

Ready to begin your own project? Join us for our Annie Sloan 101 Paint Class. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, our 3 hour class will teach 5 amazing techniques to get you inspired to take on your own project. We provide everything you’ll need; just plan to come and enjoy a relaxing, fun, and inspirational setting with other creative people like yourself. Plus – like you need any other incentives – you’ll receive 10% off all Annie Sloan paint purchases the day of your workshop!