Hostess gifts they will want and love

Cue the charcuterie boards, ice cold beverages and fun summer outfits because “social season” as we refer to summer, has arrived. Whether you’re coordinating a casual backyard barbecue, planning a fancy cocktail evening, or just having friends over for a swim, you know that hosting requires a tremendous amount of effort. So when it comes time to celebrate the host or hostess behind the entertainment, why not ditch the basic bottle of wine for a thoughtful gift you know they will love?

To help you more creatively celebrate their efforts, we pulled together a list of nontraditional gifts that you can be confident in sharing. 

1. Metal Vase Pair

Flowers might be a traditional gift, but for good reason. Who wouldn’t want a pretty bouquet lingering long after the party is over? If you’re going to bring the blooms, arrange them in a unique vase before you leave home. The last thing you want is for the host to search for a vase while company makes their way in. Not only that, this pretty piece is something they can continue to cherish.

2. Topiary Tea Towel

Everyone has a use for an extra towel. The great thing about tea towels is they can be personal with relatable, humorous messages, but they can also be an easy answer for the hard-to-buy-for host. These sweet embroidered topiary towels are cheerful and fun, so you can be confident your gift won’t make its way to the bottom of the linen cabinet.

3. Geode Crackle Coasters

These lovely coasters are handmade in the US and dressier than most, making them ideal for hosts with elegant interiors. But for a more casual aesthetic, you could always opt for wood or marble coasters. Like tea towels, coasters are universal and everyone has a use!

4. Clay Planter Trio

Green thumb or not, most people use plants to bring life to their space. This unique planter can accommodate a live plant or a faux plant. For an adorable gift, grab a sweet summer flower and plant it inside. Or, if you already know the host isn’t a plant magician, opt for a sweet faux pop-in, as we have shown here.

5. Cookbook or Cocktail Book

Books aren’t a fit for just any host, but if you’re heading to a foodie’s cookout or an elaborate cocktail party, you can be confident that the host has read up on tasty recipes and exotic cocktails. Gifting a book may just give the host homework for their next big party!

6. Pretty Prints

If you’re heading out of the area for a party, take along a sweet print from home. This specific duo is by Southern Illinois artist Whitney Ruger of Pip & Kate. No matter where they choose to hang the print, they’ll likely never forget where it came from.

7. Savory Seasoning Salt

As foodies ourselves, we love when friends introduce us to new flavors. Afterall, sharing food, drinks and conversation is what a party is all about. Pick a flavor and gift it in a pretty salt cellar or even on its own. These blends are sure to tickle the tastebuds and leave them asking for more!

8. Farmhouse Pottery Milk Bottle Match Striker

Farmhouse Pottery makes the type of pieces you find in your grandmother’s curio – pieces that never go out of style and are cherished for decades. The mini match striker is perfect for candle lovers and collectors alike. They’re stylish, memorable but most of all entirely functional.

9. Hobnail Candle

Our rule of thumb is that if you gift a candle, be certain beforehand that the scent is one they will love. Lucky for you, our best-selling hobnail candles come in nearly every fragrance family – from sweet and fruity to earthy and natural. Even if you blindly guess a scent they may love, there’s little chance they won’t enjoy one of these.

10. Well-Presented Wine

See what we did there? We saved the wine for last. We try our personal best to stay away from gifting wine because there’s always someone that has already planned to show up with the vino. But sometimes wine really is the answer. So when you do show up with a bottle, present it beautifully. Nestle it in a pretty pineapple tray or a fun wine bag that shows your consideration of the details.

Wherever your summer entertainment lineup takes you, go confidently in a pretty summer outfit and show up with something special for the party planner that made it happen!


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